Familiar Forever

FAMILIAR forever


Familiar Forever is a 48h game jam, celebrating Ludum Dare 38. It will be held in Sevilla (Spain), and it will be a very special jam, because it will be the first time that we have a Ludum Dare on-site event in the city.

We've been having great game jams in the city lately, with lots of participants, sponsors, free food, etc. It's a great time for being a game developer in Sevilla! But hey! This time we're going back to the roots! It will be just a bunch of friends making games and having fun. Great game jams are not about lots of resources, but about great ambience!

We're sorry but we have no room left for more participants!

Where? When?

Familiar Forever will be held at La Gallina Coworking, a very cozy place in the barrio of Nervión. The date is the weekend of April 21st-23rd. Doors will be opened on Friday at 17h!

There will be cheap beer, coffee and soft drinks (1€) served by our hostess. You can bring your own food if you want (there's a microwave oven) or you can enjoy some of the bars around. There are some supermarkets very close too!

What to bring?

Theme and teams

tldr: we know nothing

Good news: there's a balanced amount of programmers and artists! There will be a couple of audio guys too as well! We'll try to make team proposals during next week. Please keep an eye on your email account :)

As you may know, LD theme will be made public very late at Friday night, so we'll make something special to select the theme!!

Who's coming?

A comprehensive list in no particular order.


Familiar Forever is organized by sergeeo. Please feel free to contact me, specially if you want to organize you own game jam!

Hosting provided by the greatest David Erosa.

Please support Mike Kasprzak's work!